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New camera, who dis?

For some time now I have been looking into getting a new camera (to upgrade from my Canon 600d). After I got iPhone 11 Pro I saw that it gives me almost everything I need. But after that I was still looking with one eye at what was going on in the camera market.

Recently I saw Matt’s post about his “2021 Streaming Kit” which pushed me to look a bit more into Sony A7C and finally after watching tons of Youtube videos about it, I got it. 😊

Sony A7C

Since I needed all-around camera, this A7C looked like a great option and I am looking forward to playing with it.

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 Apple Watch Series 6, nakon Series 3

Zašto sam prešao sa series 3 na 6, za što koristim Apple Watch, koji Watch kupiti itd…

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My first Mac (iMac) – Road to iOS development

If you want to develop iPhone apps you need a Mac. You can do it without it, but basically you need a Mac. 🙂 Since I wanted to develop them I had to get one… This is the story about my first Mac.

Setting up the iMac in 2010:

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My first iPhone (3GS) – Road to iOS development

After getting my iMac next step was getting an iPhone. My brother had some extra money and he saw that I was really into it and he bought me iPhone 3GS. This is the story about my first iPhone.

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iPad – 10 years later – Original iPad (2010) vs iPad Pro 12,9″ (2020)

Just as with iPhone, iPad has come a long way after its first release, and we can say that these devices are crazy good today. iPad is not a device for everybody, but for some it is really useful. Enjoy your iPads and let’s see in 10 years how iPad will look like, or will we even have iPads.

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NAS, iPhone SE, Lino Lada Gold

Kao što naslov kaže, vrijeme za laprdanje o nekoliko tema. Tri teme za danas, NAS, network attached storage koji sam nedavno kupio, iPhone SE i Lino Lada Gold.

Linkovi raznih spomenutih stvari u videu:


Somebody should make Core ML model marketplace

If you are a person that works in mobile, AI or areas realated to it, or you just like to follow tech space, you know that Apple released Core ML. As Apple says, Core ML is a new foundational machine learning framework used across Apple products, including Siri, Camera, and QuickType. Core ML delivers blazingly fast performance with easy integration of machine learning models enabling you to build apps with intelligent new features using just a few lines of code.

You might look at it and say, ok, it is just one of new frameworks that you can use, nothing too much important. But the most interesting parts of it, for people that are not machine learning experts, is the fact that you can pick up a Core ML model, put it in your app (drag and drop), and you can have machine learning backed app. There are lots of source code examples and model examples that Apple gives you, but there are also lots of examples on other sites.

Core ML delivers blazingly fast performance with easy integration of machine learning models enabling you to build apps with intelligent new features using just a few lines of code.

Some people will make their own Core ML models, but “Average Joe” that is making “Not Hot Dog” app is not a machine learning expert. He just wants to use it as a part of pipeline, give a picture or camera input to this black box and get some result.

There are some great machine learning experts and people with R&D departments that make really cool technologies. So why not give them extra revenue source and give “Average Joe” affordable and great technology? 🙂

I believe that Core ML model marketplace would be perfect for that. Machine learning teams could make simple models for broad applications, and we could all buy them and use them as a part of our apps. Just like companies like Microblink sell their SDKs for reading ID cards, payment slips, invoices, IBAN, receipts and more, they could also sell Core ML models to other developers.

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iPhone X and Face ID — impractical for daily use

As soon as Apple announced iPhone X and the fact that it doesn’t have Touch ID I knew I won’t be buying it. That was not the only reason, the screen cut-off, the price, they are all the reasons why I would not buy iPhone X and I will talk about it in other posts. But now I would like to focus on Face ID and how impractical it is for daily use.

If you remember, before fingerprint sensors (Touch ID etc.) most of users didn’t have passcode on their phones to lock the device. Touch ID brought us both ease of use and security. It gave us ability to make our devices and data more secure but still getting to it really fast.

Try to think about how many times per day, per week, per month, you lock/unlock your phone. Try to think about how do you do it, where is your phone located in the moment you want to pick it up and use it. I will try to show couple of (important) daily use cases that make Face ID impractical and slower then Touch ID.

  • You are sitting at your desk and your iPhone X sits flat on the desk. You want to slowly checkout messages without picking it up. With Touch ID you just use your finger without picking it up and you get what you want. How would you do that with Face ID? You could put your face above the iPhone to unlock it, but as you can see you would need to move your head just to unlock the device. You could also pick up the iPhone to unlock it, but as I said, you want to unlock it without picking it up.
  • You use car mount for your iPhone, for navigation etc. You are driving and you stop at parking spot to pickup your friend. You want to check your phone, if you have Touch ID you just use your finger and thats it. If you have iPhone X you need to remove the iPhone from the mount or move your head every time you want to do it. Ok, you could say that you should not use your phone while driving, and that is ok, but I am not talking about that. 🙂
  • Your iPhone is in your pocket and you want to take it out and make a call. If you have Touch ID you can unlock it as you are picking it up from the pocket and it will be unlocked the second before you see the screen. If you have Face ID you will pick it up and you will have to hold in in front of your face to unlock it, how practical can that be? 😀

I could write more and more cases but I think you get the picture. Face ID might be more secure than Touch ID, but when you think about pros and cons, daily usage, it just doesn’t win. Even Craig Federighi had a problem with unlocking the device with Face ID and had to use backup device on stage to show it. I really like Craig and I was sorry for him at that moment, but he was the only one interesting at the event, but with all that other people turning their heads to presentation notes, he already won. 😀

I would pick Touch ID anytime instead of Face ID, it gives great security and speed, Face ID gives more security but all that use cases I mentioned crush that security facts.

As Apple said, iPhone X is the future. I would say it is preview of the future, a sneak peak. Specs are great, but Face ID is impractical, screen cut-off has more cons than pros. Gestures used to switch between the apps, gestures used to open notification and control center are different than on other iOS devices, that inconsistency is not good, not good at all. We can also mention the price, but if the price was smaller I still would not buy it instead of iPhone 8 (plus). I hope that the next version of the X (maybe called Y) will have some version of home button and Touch ID, they make using iPhone faster and practical during the day.

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5 savjeta za App Start Contest natjecatelje

Sudjelovao sam na nekoliko App Start Contesta, bilo kao natjecatelj bilo kao mentor i član žirija. Mislim da mi je to dalo dovoljno istkustva da izdvojim nekih 5 savjeta koje bi savjetovao svakom natjecatelju koji se prijavljuje ili natječe na ASC-u.

  1. Odlučite koji vam je cilj ili koji su ciljevi. Da li želite osvojit novac, napravit odličan projekt, naučit neku novu tehnologiju, nastavit s projektom nakon ASC-a neovisno o rezultatu natjecanja. Sve su to faktori koji odlučuju kako ćete se postavit prema projektu, natjecanju, ali i žiriju. Nema ništa loše u tome da želite samo novce zaradit, a nema ništa loše ni u tome da želite iskoristit ASC kako bi naučili razvijat aplikacije, da vam bude neki “poligon” kako bi razvili neke vještine.
  2. Istražite detaljno, ali stvarno mislim detaljno ostale proizvode u području za koje ćete radit aplikaciju. Često ljudi kažu da nema sličnih aplikacija, da nema konkurencije. Često su u krivu. Aplikacija nije konkurencija samo ako radi isto kao što bi i vaša radila, ako “uzima” vaše potencijalne korisnike, kupce, onda je konkurencija. Kao što je Youtube konkurencija običnoj televiziji, tako i vaš super duper novi app za spajanje freelancera ima dosta konkurencije, tako i vaša aplikacija za traženje smještaja ima dosta konkurencije. Ne treba konkurenciju izbjegavat ili je se bojat. Što više konkurencije, to će vam lakše biti vidjeti kako oni rješavaju razne probleme, što vi možete bolje napravit, što oni loše rade. Iskoristite konkurenciju za u korist!
  3. Neki natjecatelji vole onako tužno reći da nažalost nemaju dizajnera/icu, a neki pak sami krenu radit komplicirani dizajn, čisto da se vidi da su napravili “dizajn”. Nema ništa loše u tome da koristite običan stock UI bilo kojeg mobilnog operacijskog sustava, bilo Androida ili iOS-a. Što se tiče weba slobodno koristite Bootstrap, Foundation ili tako nešto. Na taj način ćete se više posvetit strukturi korisničkog sučelja, razradit korisničko iskustvo. A kasnije lako dodate neke detalje. Tako da nemojte brinut ako nemate dizajnera u timu. Također imajte na umu da dizajn nije samo odabir boje ili crtanje ikone, dosta toga je tu bitnije, posebno flow aplikacije, raspored elemenata itd.
  4. Ako rješavate neki problem u određenom području, radite aplikaciju koju će primjerice koristit turisti i/ili turistički djelatnici, otiđite među te ljude i skupite prava iskustva iz tog prodručja. Nemojte sami radit neke pretpostavke i zaključke bez da imate ili ste imali nekog kontakta s tim ljudima. Morate se postavit u kožu potencijalnog korisnika i razmislit zašto bi oni koristili vaš proizvod.
  5. Nemojte se bojat ili sramit pitat ljude za savjete, bilo da su mentori u sklopu ASC-a, bilo da ste čuli za njih negdje u medijima. Ljudi su otvoreni za pomoć bilo kome. Stalno pričam kako je meni dosta ljudi pomoglo sa super savjetima u raznim trenucima. Samo trebate kontaktirat ljude, bilo mailom, bilo preko facebooka, uživo, svejedno. Odgovorit će vam netko sigurno!

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