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Sculpture from my 3D model – #WomenEntrepreneurs

Today, the “Women&Business” conference was held in “Mali tehnopolis Samobor” – tech and business incubator in my town.

The conference started with the unveiling of the statue/sculpture “Women Entrepreneur”, my 3d model was selected in the competition for the creation of a 3d model of the sculpture #WomenEntrepreneur, on the basis of which the final sculpture was made! 😊😎

In one of the photos you can see the description of the proposal/sculpture itself, and this is the original description in the submitted application proposal for the competition:
“Women are often said to hold the three corners of the house, and sometimes it is said that they hold all four corners of the house. Women entrepreneurs hold more than that. Therefore, the proposal is a simple statue in which we combine basic geometric shapes that signal the house, the company , women and their connection.
The main frame represents a house and/or a business, and the central part represents a woman standing tall and proud and connects the whole frame (house, business).”

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