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WASY – Workouts and Activity Summary

WASY is available on the App Store – download it for FREE!

Five years ago, back in 2017, I started working on this app as a hobby project. Back then I was using Objective-C and UIKit and I was planning to call it HealthSum. As time passed things changed, name was changed to WASY and released version was made with SwiftUI.


“WASY – Workouts and Activity Summary” is a simple app, WASY allows you to browse workouts and activity summaries, share summaries as simple or detailed images and PDF files.

Stop sharing screenshots of your workouts summaries and use WASY to easily create images and PDF files from your summaries that you can share wherever you want.

Feel free to share your summaries with your friends, family members, on social media or to your trainer (so they can follow your progress).

Why I made it

Apps like Strava had the option to create image from a workout summary, Fitness app on iOS had limited sharing option, so my idea was to combine those things and enable us to use our workouts and activity data to create cool and useful summaries.

When I started working with a personal trainer I had even bigger need for this since I was always taking screenshots of the workout summary in the iOS system Fitness app and sending it to my trainer. So I knew that I had to finish this app to have a better overall experience with all of it.

Plans for future versions:

  • changing the font
  • map/route
  • custom block based layouts
  • localization
  • time based summaries – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, …


Using SwiftUI to build this app really helped me to focus on the most important features for the initial public release. It also allowed me to iterate easily and fast. Since I did not have much time to work on it, which meant that I will be releasing it after some time, I decided to use SwiftUI since it will evolve and become even better in the future. It looks for now that that decision was good and it will pay off in the future.

Feel free to checkout WASY and download it for free on the App Store!

initial commit 😀

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