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5 simple tips and advices for recruiters, hiring managers…

Through many years, I got all sorts of different experiences with hiring process, seeing same mistakes people do over and over, patterns that stand out. And I wanted to give some tips and advice to benefit us all.

Through many years, I got all sorts of different experiences with hiring process, seeing same mistakes people do over and over, patterns that stand out. And I wanted to give some tips and advice to benefit us all.

Recruiters, hiring managers and people in charge of hiring take a big and important part of the whole hiring process, but they tend to make mistakes, either accidentally or on purpose.

I would like to mention my five advices for the recruiters. Simple, normal, common sense things, things that will give them better results and make the whole hiring process better for both sides.

Through many years I got all sorts of different experiences in the hiring process. Seeing same mistakes people do over and over, some patterns that stand out, so I wanted to give some advice and tips to benefit us all.

I suppose that many of you are getting pinged every day by various recruiters and in most cases you just ignore their messages. Because they mostly do the same things, same mistakes over and over again.

Let me mention 5 tips I have for recruiters, hiring managers and people involved in hiring process in general. I will go from fifth to first and first being most important.


Give as much as you want in return or even better give more. Many people are asking for all sorts of information about us but they are not giving much back. About the position, about the company and in many cases they are so secretive and they just say: “oh let us just jump on a call” or something like that, where they would probably say a bit more about the whole position about the company and everything.

Please don’t do that! If you want our attention and our time give us more information about the position and don’t be so secretive.


Copy paste, copy paste…

Please, come on, you can do better! I was so surprised when I saw that a couple of my colleagues and me got the same message from one of the recruiters and even one of the colleagues said that he was mentioned by the wrong name. If you 
are that lazy, if you cannot write a custom message to every candidate, at least check if you wrote a correct name.

But I would advise you to spend a minute or two so you can write a custom message or every candidate that you contact. Simple as that…


Some people get to be really annoying they just keep coming and coming. You say to them that you’re not interested because of some kind of a reason and then they contact you in a few months for the same thing you declined.

Don’t be like that, don’t be annoying and respect what people say to you. Or at least wait a bit more until you ping people again.


Keeping track of previous conversations with potential candidates is important. Because if you don’t it looks like you do not listen or remember, it just looks like you don’t care.

If you use outside hiring agencies, or are just changing people who are doing your hiring process, make sure they keep track of who did they contact before, what did you say and what did people respond. Because when you get contacted for a second or a third time for the same company and the same position, it is just lame.

Please don’t be like that! Keep track of things and share it between your people.

There are of course many more tips and advices we could share 
but I wanted to focus just on five. Five advices and issues I see the most.

And now here is the final and most important tip and maybe the easiest and simplest tip you can apply every day.


Put yourself in a position of the other side. If you are hiring somebody put yourself in a position of the potential hire, it’s really simple! Just think about how would you like to be contacted about that specific position.

Probably you were also contacted by some recruiters or people doing the hiring in general and you liked some things and some things you didn’t like. Just think about the other side and make the best of it.


Don’t waste time! Don’t waste your time and time 
of the other side! Be professional, honest and correct.

Hopefully, all these tips will help us have a better hiring process.

Have a nice day!

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