Money Driven Development — MDD

The past, present and the future of development

Money-driven development (MDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle: requirements are turned into very specific use cases, for every use case we calculate code to possible revenue ratio, then the software is improved by improving the ratio by adding new monetizable use cases or improving current ones.

MDD Cycle:

  1. Add feature according to use case
  2. Calculate code to revenue ratio and see if the new ratio is better or equal
  3. Write the code that brings new revenue
  4. Calculate ratio again
  5. Refactor the code by using MDD principles
  6. Repeat every day until you reach enough revenue stream

Make IAPs not apps

These days everything and everybody wants, needs and makes an app. Stop doing that and focus on making IAPs (in app purchases), not apps.

By focusing and making more IAPs your code to revenue ratio will start getting better and better. Writing less code, and getting more revenue, that has MDD written all over it!

By adding more IAPs to your apps you don’t need to create more apps and monetize them, you can add more monetization to current products and get more revenue and profits from that single product.

How MPU should be the new MAU

MPU — Monthly Paying Users, MAU — Monthly Active Users

When building software products and talking about important metrics, you can always hear them talk about monthly active users. But what use do you have from having lots of monthly active uses if they don’t pay anything and you have zero revenue from it?

That is why we are suggesting and using new metric, one metric to rule them all: monthly paying users, or MPU.

As you can tell, MPU can be calculated more easily than MAU and MPU is more important metric than MAU. If one user pays you something during some month it gets calculated in total MPU, there is no crazy complicated logic to see what it means that user is active or not.

Simple, beautiful and building revenue!

Write once, sell anywhere

If you take a look at our Manifest, you can see that we mention code to revenue ratio. So our goal is to get as much revenue as possible by writing as little code as possible.

That is why we think that you should write once, sell anywhere. You can sell it on multiple platforms, in different countries, etc. More of that, more revenue comes to you!


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Disclaimer: there is no disclaimer! This is legit development process and you should practice it every day!

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