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I remember when YouTube switched the logic a bit and made it that subscription page was not first thing you see on That made a lot of people frustrated, a lot of creators saw decline in view count, etc. That is why is have bookmarked. 🙂 I am starting with this problem because YouTube, as all other big companies and services, has its pros and cons, its great and bad moments.

For about a year now, I am using YouTube in more “organized” way. Whether I am on my iPhone, iPad or on my desktop, I go to my subscriptions box and click that “Watch Later” button on video thumbnail of a video that I am interested in. When I get a bigger free time period (ex. during breakfast) I just go to my Watch Later section and start playing that videos.

Most recently I am watching videos from Watch Later list on my new Apple TV. I just sit down and enjoy watching videos, for example Casey Neistat videos 🙂

One of many videos Casey made, this one was for Nike

That feature might look simple and plain for a lot of people, and they might not look at it like I do. But I find it really useful and helpful. Just like the Reading List feature in Safari, Watch Later on Youtube is a great “bucket” for adding videos I am interested in, and when I get some time I watch them.

If you have any tips on how you use websites like Youtube, feel free to leave a comment and share them with all of us!

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