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WWDC 2016 — final preparations

I still can’t believe I am going to WWDC 🙂

As I said before I still wonder, is going to WWDC final destination, or just the beginning? What I am sure is that I can’t say enough thanks to Photomath for sending me to WWDC and I am sure that I will give 100% to proudly represent Photomath there.


I like travelling but I don’t like packing. When travelling for a conference you really need to plan carefully what to bring, so you don’t carry tons of stuff around. You will not carry around your clothes of course, but when talking about gadgets and stuff you will use during the day you need to plan and organize, if planned carefully your back will be happy and without much pain. 🙂

WWDC is a great place to meet new people, exchange experience, but as all trips it is also a chance to take great pics and vids. I was thinking about taking my Canon 600D but I think that much lighter combination of iPhone 6, selfie stick and GoPro will do the job and I will not have to carry not so light DSLR in my bag all the time.


I will always remember that day and that email

Since I got that email about being selected to attend WWDC 2016 I’ve been preparing for the trip, searching online for tips about travelling to WWDC etc. There are a lot of tips like this one. They mention stuff like make sure to register on sunday, line up early for keynote if you want good seats etc. But as all things, you can read about it but you need to experience it and learn from it. I plan to share my experience after WWDC and hopefully help future attendees as other people helped me prepare for this years DUBDUB. 🙂

See you there

If you are coming to WWDC feel free to ping me on twitter or here so we can meet there. Also if you have any other advice for going to WWDC feel free to write it here!

Stay hungry, stay foolish… And see you at WWDC 2016! 🙂

I would like to thank again to my company/employer Photomath for sending me to WWDC and giving me the chance to experience it. I dreamed about going to WWDC since I started with iOS development and watched first WWDC keynote and sessions on my iMac. I will remember this always and again big THANK YOU!!! 🙂

I will use this opportunity to the fullest and it will be the start of the next chapter in my career. WWDC I am coming and you better get ready for me! 😉

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