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Few months ago I wrote that I will start making some experiments with iOS SDK and release simple apps as a results of those experiments. Daily Sparksis the second such app.

Why Daily Sparks?

We all need some motivation during the day, we need somebody to remind us about things that we believe in, we love, we want to remember. That is why I made Daily Sparks (FREE to download). To have somebody/something reminding you each and every day about things that are important to you.

Daily Sparks is a simple app, it lets you save your favorite quotes and get reminded about things that are important to you! Also you can add today widget in notification center for faster look at some of the daily sparks!

adding Daily Sparks — Yoda ftw! 🙂

Next Steps

This is first version, basically proof of concept with main functionalities. In next versions I will add:

  • more languages (localization) — italian, spanish, german, portuguese, french, russian, chinese
  • suggested Sparks for adding
  • exporting and importing Sparks
  • themes

All of apps that I make in my free time I make because I need some functionality, some feature that current apps that I use don’t have. It is also fun to experiment with different parts of iOS and iOS SDK, for example I worked with Today Widget for the first time working on this app and now I can easily use that experience in my daily job and future apps. That is why I made Daily Sparks and will continue to improve it and make other simple apps (concetrated on one simple but useful feature).

Looking forward to getting your feedback and hope that you will get reminded about things that are important to you every day! 🙂

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